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Jen Procter Andrews has founded three startups and sits on the Health Advisory Board,  the Nasomah Board of Directors and the Culture and Education Committee for the Coquille Indian Tribe. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon with her husband and niece.

This is the life you have now. You will never be more prepared to enjoy your life than you are right now.


I use coaching and hypnosis together to help you make real, measurable conscious and subconscious progress toward your goals.

As a new client, your first session will be an intake session. This session is 45-60 minutes long. I am currently scheduling PHONE or ZOOM sessions only, your choice.


Hypnosis and coaching sessions are 60 min. Sometimes there's a little of each in the same session.


Depending on your specific goals and current state, you can expect to achieve success within two to twelve sessions. We can work one session at a time, or you can save a little dough with a prepaid package:

1 Private session: 125.

One hour of hypnosis and/or coaching to unlock hidden potential, overcome obstacles, turn life changes into progress. We'll talk over the PHONE or via ZOOM, you choose.

3 Private sessions, prepaid: 325.

The three session package is perfect for anxiety, phobias, test taking, pain relief, challenges related to the body, or areas where we can generally identify a distinct single source of the matter.

5 Private sessions, prepaid: 525.

The five session package is a great option for more in-depth work related to turning around unwanted habits and negative thought circles, or the "negative personal soundtrack". This package is good for eating/exercise habits, weight release, relationship goals, sports performance, career goals, and more of the challenges that may benefit from just a little more conscious and subconscious attention.

12 Session progression: 925.

The twelve session package is a great option for big life change. We'll create your positive personal soundtrack, align your values with your efforts and build confidence as you change direction, tune in to yourself and hone your life skills. Whatever the goal, this package will get it done.

Nonsmoker package: 325.

This package consists of three sessions. Your first session is the intake.
Your next session will be an hypnosis session, after which will be a nonsmoker!
The third session will be a some hypnosis and some coaching. You will be starting to forget why you ever smoked by now.



The first appointment you schedule will be an intake. We'll talk over the phone or in person at the office, you choose. The following sessions will progress 2-6 weeks apart, depending the goal. Regular email support is included in all session packages.  

You may call, email or use the "schedule now" button to schedule your sessions, including a free consultation. The scheduling tool is fastest, email is second and telephone can take up to three days to connect at a good time. Please use the scheduling tool for remote/phone sessions.


I accept debit, credit, cash and venmo. The scheduling tool will also take payment.


Increasingly, providers will pay for self-improvement, including hypnosis. If you will be sending documents to your insurance provider for reimbursement, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with your provider before your first session.

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