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What About Anxiety?

We all experience anxiety. Anxiety is a part of life. Even little babies experience anxiety when they are hungry and there’s no food readily available. Some parents may recognize this expression of anxiety in a little baby’s closed fist. Many adults still do the same thing when feeling anxious – close a tight fist or grasp on to an object tightly. (Like grabbing a steering wheel tightly while cruising at high speeds in heavy traffic.)

However, anxiety is completely natural and some anxiety is actually good- like the kind that gets us excited about an event, or gets us motivated to complete a task that may be a little different than what we’re used to. (Public speaking?) Or, the kind of anxiety that we experience with joy or happiness, like learning to ride a bike for the first time, or seeing a favorite person we haven’t seen in a long time.

So, what’s the deal then?

Why is anxiety causing so much wreckage in some lives? Well, there are a variety of answers. Sometimes there’s an event in the past that we have inadvertently paired with a feeling of fear, embarrassment, danger, etc. even though it’s not really warranted. That can express itself as different forms of anxiety. Simple every day stresses that build up into prolonged, excess anxiety disrupts the normal and delicate hormonal balance in our bodies, causing more long-term physical damage. Mentally, it can make us jumpy, grumpy, forgetful, fearful, and among other things, can lead to panic attacks. When it gets to this stage is when it’s no longer the “elephant in the room”, but it’s more like the “bull in the china shop”, really invading and permeating even the simplest everyday tasks. At this point, it’s no longer avoidable. Ugh. Nobody wants that. We all want more happiness, and an easy way to get that is to have less negative anxiety.

So, how already?

It’s about balance. Bodies and minds need regular relaxation to balance the everyday stresses we put them through. This can be achieved easily with hypnosis, which helps the mind and body relax more deeply in a way that’s purposeful toward your goal. Hypnotherapy can also address the cause behind the symptom, often very easily and in such a way that actually feels good. Healthy habits are always a bonus as well; like less caffeine, alcohol and sugar, more sleep, vitamin d and healthy foods.

I have a decade of experience working with children, teens and adults who suffer form anxiety overload on different levels.

Ready to relax?


Jen Procter Andrews has founded three startups and sits on the Health Advisory Board and the Nasomah Board of Directors for the Coquille Indian Tribe. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband and niece.

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